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Bad movies and HD dream cameos

I watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Underworld recently, and although I thought they were pretty bad overall, I really enjoyed certain aspects. The sets were really beautiful. LXG had that whole Victorian era steampunk feel to it--reminds me of the game Arcanum, and Underworld filmed in uhh, Eastern Europe? Some city with lots of beautiful gothic buildings and mansions and stuff. Anyway, they were bad, but better than The Mummy, which made 4170205702703 dollars, so *shrugs*

So in the midst of one of my typically bizarre dreams last night, flanneryflyer and tamiflu popped in for cameos! And Flannery's dad (who I've never met) was there too. And enjoys cooking, apparently. Tammy, on the other hand, apparently sleeps in this tiny room with 4 other girls and is master of Powerpoint presentations.
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