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Happy birthday, heckraiser87!!!

The fact that I'm 180 posts behind will not deter me from updating!

I've read some good books and watched a really good movie today, Step Into Liquid. It's a documentary about surfing, and I'm not sure, but it seems to be a "sequel" of sorts to a documentary the filmmaker's father made in the '60s. Anyway, he went all over the world to film surfers, and not just great surfers, although there are a lot of those, but also surfers from odd places (Wisconsin? Supertanker surfing in Texas?) and surfers who have interesting stories (a guy who's surfed every day for over 25 years).

I think I watched the movie with a smile on my face pretty much the entire time because surfing just looks like one of those things that's completely joyous. I've only been surfing like... twice. In teensy little waves. But I really enjoyed it. :) Watching the movie almost made me want to go out and surf, then I remembered that the Pacific Ocean around here is fucking freezing, LOL.

I read The Good Body, which I found out about from a recommendation in THN, I think. The writing is really good, and the story is... frankly, the story is really depressing. :P But it's really funny too, and what can I say? The fact that it was written from a hockey player's POV does it for me. :)

Also, I will now yell at bkm5191 for not allowing comments to her post about House. Dude, I wanted to squeal at you about how House and Wilson are sogay and soinlove and how House and Wilson are based on Holmes and Watson who were gay and all that. But noooooo, no comments allowed. *crosses arms*
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