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The Invincible M.A.E.

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girlcrush, Logan Tom

Books & Movies

Happy birthday, heckraiser87!!!

The fact that I'm 180 posts behind will not deter me from updating!

I've read some good books and watched a really good movie today, Step Into Liquid. It's a documentary about surfing, and I'm not sure, but it seems to be a "sequel" of sorts to a documentary the filmmaker's father made in the '60s. Anyway, he went all over the world to film surfers, and not just great surfers, although there are a lot of those, but also surfers from odd places (Wisconsin? Supertanker surfing in Texas?) and surfers who have interesting stories (a guy who's surfed every day for over 25 years).

I think I watched the movie with a smile on my face pretty much the entire time because surfing just looks like one of those things that's completely joyous. I've only been surfing like... twice. In teensy little waves. But I really enjoyed it. :) Watching the movie almost made me want to go out and surf, then I remembered that the Pacific Ocean around here is fucking freezing, LOL.

I read The Good Body, which I found out about from a recommendation in THN, I think. The writing is really good, and the story is... frankly, the story is really depressing. :P But it's really funny too, and what can I say? The fact that it was written from a hockey player's POV does it for me. :)

Also, I will now yell at bkm5191 for not allowing comments to her post about House. Dude, I wanted to squeal at you about how House and Wilson are sogay and soinlove and how House and Wilson are based on Holmes and Watson who were gay and all that. But noooooo, no comments allowed. *crosses arms*

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you mean like the bit where House (and of course the name comes form Holmes! you are so clever to work that out! I had to be told) tells wilson "Of course, you have loved all your wives" and they share a knowing smirk. And wilson keeps inviting him over for dinner and gazing adoringly at him.

I have a big crush on Hugh Laurie, he's a brilliant comedian as well.

I didn't even realise I WAS turing off comments. *snuggles* sorry.

You know he wrote a book? The narration style is really really really funny.

There are really really really slashy House/Wilson moments in every episode. I love love love it.

The odd thing is that the homoerotic relationship between House and Wilson reminded me of Holmes and Watson (who I'd just read about in a book that declared that Holmes was gay, it isn't just revisionist conjecture) and then the whole solving a mystery thing occurred to me and I mentioned it to Chrissy, who told me about an article where the creator of the show talked about House being based on Holmes.

Sadly, I didn't even think about Holmes <-> House, Watson <-> Wilson until you pointed it out in this comment. :P

He is really great in the role. :D

Random comment, but I went surfing once, this August?.. yeah.. JUST ONCE... totally got taken out by a huge wave cuz a hurricane was coming. But it was definately an experience, and I wanna try it again so bad! I think the water is a little bit warmer over here in the Atlantic, but I have to wait till the weather warms up a bit.

Maybe you'll come back over on this side of the country and visit?

There's just something ridiculously fun about it!!! And how big was that wave? Or did it sneak up on you? (Amazingly they can do that...)

I just might! I have yet to visit New York City or Boston (well aside from arriving at Boston airport and briefly experiencing the chaos of Boston streets of questionable direction).

I know, even after seeing my life flash before my eyes, I was like... Ok... How do I do this again? Hahah... it was probably like head high? I have no idea... but it was huge to me, and definately wiped me out. The guy I was with eyes started to bulge and he like pointed and was like, SHILO, WATCH out..... Then I promptly ate it.

I've heard horror stories about Boston... Friends have gotten lost following down one street, which I didn't think was possible. But New York City is amazing. If you need a place to crash, you could fly into Philly or Atlantic City, stay here, and drive up to NYC... about 2 hours.

Head high is actually a lot scarier than it sounds! I've been knocked over by waves that were only about armpit-high.

That sounds nice. :) I was there for 5 days but when it was time to leave it felt like I'd just gotten there. Time flies when you're having fun! :)

(Deleted comment)
Really? I'm glad to hear that at least they strive to be accurate. :)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, they do the same thing all the time with computer stuff, especially "hacking". >.

Surfing >.< Is evil. Of course the only time we get decent waves here is during a storm, so. It's kind of. Scary. But fun!

Yes, the whole I-might-be-struck-by-lightning-any-moment-now aspect probably adds a bit of excitement to it... *giggle* Dude, surfing in Slave Lake? The filmmaker would probably have wanted to add that to the movie. :)

I've only bodysurfed though. I can't even survive on wakeboards :p

Probably! Muahah.

I've never tried either of those. That sounds a lot harder!

Bodysurfing is when you... lie on top of the waves and surf. It's terribly easy.

And wakeboarding is like waterskiing. With a snow-board-ish thing instead of skiis :)

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