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Petr Petr Petr!

So apparently Russian TV lurves Petr as much as I do cos' they kept talking about him non-stop during the Spengler Cup game of Magnitogorsk against Prague, and the camera was like... permanently fixed on him.

The announcers are kind of droning on, then Petr takes a shot which is stopped by Aebischer and their voices go up an octave and the camera zooms in on Petr glowering away for a long time. Then when the first Russian goal is scored, Petr assists on it but the camera focuses on him for 10 seconds and the goal scorer for like, 2! (And Petr leaped on the goal scorer Dobryshkin. I love so much. *sigh*)

And in the second period when the Magnitogorsk players come out, the camera is fixed in place at first, but then follows Petr around when he comes out. :D

Swiss fans are weird. They sing that "na na na hey goodbye song"... six minutes into the game and they also sing "Country Road", "Sweet Home Alabama" and "La Bamba".

I am super hyper that I got to see Petr playing and whispering sweet nothings to Sergei Gonchar!!!
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