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The Invincible M.A.E.

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girlcrush, Logan Tom

There's something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a boy

The founder of Chip's high school said that. Yet people still send their kids there. ;)

Umm, so my second favourite swimsuit model Petra Nemcova was badly injured by the tsunami. It's so... surreal? I'd just seen her on a repeat of Conan a week before and I was like WTF?! when joolzie told me. She was in Phuket with her boyfriend, who's missing. :(

I'm just horrified by the whole thing, I mean, that region of the world is still what I think of as home, even if I have no desire to return there. Singapore was completely sheltered from the tsunami by Sumatra island, and most of Malaysia was too but apparently people on Penang island are missing and I used to go there when I was a kid to eat. (Eating was really one of the top reasons for traveling to Malaysia. *grin*)

Chip and I went to a restaurant last night and the waiter who served us looked like Marian Hossa! But he was Swedish. Chip thought that he looked like Sean Bean but after seeing pictures of Marian he agreed that the waiter looked more like him. Then he complained because I have over 700 hockey players to choose from when it comes to figuring out who someone looks like.

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Yeah someone had mentioned that a model was injured so I checked on Yahoo and saw it was her and thought of you instantly. <3

I never noticed a resemblence between Sean Bean and Marion Hossa before, but now that you mention it, I can see it!

The tsunamis are terrifying. I have a friend who is on vacation in Thailand and we have no idea if she is okay or not. So scary.

It's a strange overlap!

Eep, I hope she's okay! *hugs*

OMG! I have to meet this waiter. XD

LOL if I had a camera I'd take his picture.

mmm Sean Bean as my waiter, that is a like a porn movie right there. Was he wearing Boromir's leather *swoons*

I know what you mean about the area, I mean i am from the pacific, that's like my neighbourhood you know? that is where we holiday, backpack, it's in my collective history as 27 year old. I feeel like I should be doing something more for them than praying, like it's my mess to help clean up.

He was more Marian than Sean, unfortunately. Good thing there was no waiter!Havlat around or I would have freaked out and tried to get them to kiss or something.

Yeah, exactly, it's my corner of the world. The death toll is already so horrific but what's going to happen to all the survivors, who have lost everything and probably family members as well?

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