November 21st, 2014

Jack Johnson

JMFJ's horrible parents

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This is a horrible enough thing to happen to a normal person, but JMFJ has always had this freakishly close relationship to his family, which is probably what led him to ignore their shadiness until it was too late. I'd have been inclined to believe that his parents were duped by someone, but he clearly thinks that they outright lied to him about stuff.

I first thought there was something wrong when he deleted his Twitter and Facebook for no apparent reason, and then there was the lawsuit against the business manager, but in that story it seemed that his mother was also being taken advantage of at the time. Perhaps that was before he found out more.

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I really like the image of the human shield of Blue Jackets. :P

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This is the one that makes me really want to cry. And thinking about what he said, that he won the lottery as far as parents are concerned. This must be one of the biggest betrayals that anyone could ever experience.
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