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Plot bunny deathmatch!

Hmm I've written about 50 words in 3 days. (And to think I was considering the NaNoWriMo thing :P)

The bunnies are fighting each other too much, and I need to figure out some sort of order or schedule, and therefore I present ...

Arkora - Jason Arnott, Petr Sykora
Natuzzi - Markus Naslund, Todd Bertuzzi
Thornstrom - Scott Thornton, Niklas Sundstrom
Oubliette - Scott Thornton, Jason Arnott, Todd Marchant
CS - Mikael Renberg
Fedorchukley - Fedor Fedorov, Ilya Kovalchuk, Dany Heatley

Arkora: Me! Write me!
Mae: Umm, you're supposed to be asleep. And besides, you break up.
Arkora: *wails*
Natuzzi: Yeah, get the hell out of here, whore! There's some spanking to be done!
Mae: *unintelligible sounds*
Thornstrom: We were here first!
Oubliette: *beats Thornstrom from behind with paw*
Thornstrom: Oof. Sneaky bastard.
CS: I think I'm injured.
Mae: None of the other bunnies have touched you yet.
CS: I know. I'm always injured. *hangs head*
Fedorchukley: Write me! I'm so wrong, you know you want it!
Arkora: You have a dumbass name. Mine is pretty *swats at Fedorchuckley*
Fedorchukley: *snort* There's three of us, we can take any of you!
Oubliette: There's three of us too, and we're not afraid to do what's necessary.
Thornstrom: Fuck this, I'm going to Maui. *hops off*
Mae: Well, one down.
Arkora: *yawn* I'm going back to sleep. This NyQuil stuff sure is strong. *lies down and falls asleep*
Mae: Two down.
CS: You haven't written me in so ... long ... *sighs dramatically*
Mae: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, you're tough to write.
CS: It's okay, I'm used to being disappointed.
Fedorchukley: Oh, quit with the fucking whining, already! *gets ready to swat CS*
Oubliette: *bites Fedorchukley in the jugular and shakes it around* There. It's done.
Natuzzi: Jesus, you're vicious. I'm just into the spanking. *hops away*
CS: *blinks plaintively at Oubliette*
Oubliette: Sorry, it's nothing personal. *delivers swift blow to CS' head*
Mae: *gulp*

Okay, so looks like the order is Oubliette, CS, Natuzzi, Fedorchukley, Arkora, Thornstrom.

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