April 10th, 2012


Hockey on TV!

Ahh, did anyone watch House this week? The patient was a hockey player called... Hatcher! Muahaha. He was an enforcer and they showed some game footage between two fictional teams, except that one team was the Canucks with different logos and the other was the... Caps? Sens? They were in their whites so it was hard to tell. They filmed it at the Ducks rink but they only got enough extras for half of the lower bowl LOL. There were so many shots where you could see the upper bowl was completely empty.

I've seen some hockey stuff on that show but I don't know who's responsible for it. Odette Annable is married to David Annable, who's a goalie and a Devils fan, but it probably isn't her/him...

There was also an extended hockey reference on The Secret Circle involving the Canucks; a detailed description of a play involving Kesler, hehe. Probably because they film in Vancouver.
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