April 8th, 2012


Playoff picks

Well, I had decided a couple of weeks ago to assume that the Sharks weren't going to make the playoffs and to treat the last four games of the season as the playoffs. That went pretty well as they won all the games and... made the playoffs, haha.

I was hoping for a Canucks win and a Sharks loss last night so that the Sharks wouldn't have to face the Blues (who swept the Sharks this season, eek) and it seemed like things were going "well" going into the third period, but then the Kings did that thing they do around the Sharks and lost the game in OT.

Either way, Canucks or Blues, I'm anticipating a first round exit, but I just wanted more interesting games. Not that I think there's something wrong with the Blues, but the way the Sharks play against them is kind of tiresome. :P

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