March 6th, 2012


Can I just get Fables on HBO please?

According to Once Upon a Time, beautiful women always fall in love with hideous men, even if they kidnap them and lock them up in dungeons! Does that come across as true love and not Stockholm Syndrome to anyone? ;) The other thing you can do is tell incompetent klutzes that they're awesome and they'll fall in love with you, regardless of how ugly you are. Hey, does that work with hot guys and ugly women? *crickets* *tumbleweed*

At the beginning, Grimm was kind of okay to me with a promising mythology but a boring hero and just a vague link to fairy tales, while Once Upon a Time already had its end game problems (as in it doesn't look like the series is headed anywhere interesting) but a great cast and fun settings and costumes. Since then, Grimm has gotten and better and better while OUaT has gotten shittier and shittier. It also sounds like it's degenerating into "let's cram as many Disney properties as we can into this series!"

I think I've adjusted to what Grimm is instead of wanting it to be something else. Nick is boring (but so was Buffy and the supporting cast made up for that) but Munroe is great. But I still want something that would include stuff about the original, dark versions of fairy tales, or something like Fables that does a good job of showing fairy tale characters in the real world.
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