January 22nd, 2012

Joe Pavelski


Pavelski fought Ballard last night. It was like watching angry dwarfs going at it.

I caught a special on the Harbaugh coaching family (literal family) that was made when Jim was still coach of Stanford. Jack, John (Ravens coach) and the son-in-law who coaches college basketball, were sitting around a table sharing stories. That is one crazy ass family and I would hate to be in it. :P Anyway, near the end Jim says to Jack, "Who's got it better than us?" and Jack replies "NO-BODY!" and I kind of flipped out a little bit. :)

Someone actually wrote an entire article about the kickoff team dancing!

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Patriots vs. Giants, the sequel

Poor Kyle Williams. :(

Well, all I wanted for this game was for it to at least be close and for the 49ers to have a good showing, and they did that. There's no way at the beginning of this season I would have thought that my boys would be playing in the NFC championship game!

I think if they'd gone to the Superbowl they probably would have lost and... this is preferable to me, even though it doesn't quite make sense.

This was a good game and a battle to the end, and even though they aren't the last team standing, I'm always going to look back on this season with a smile; the first time I've watched them have a winning season, and the first time I've seen them in the playoffs. :)
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