November 20th, 2011


Strahd Attacks

Went down to Mountain View to tersa's place to play Castle Ravenloft. ebonlock (?) came over as well and we had some good games! They've played tabletop RPGs before so they picked the rules up really fast. tersa made super yummy homemade pizza for lunch/dinner! And we watched the Sharks/Stars game while trying to find Strahd. (Didn't end well for us, but the Sharks won).

NFL Red Zone is the perfect channel for me to watch football that isn't the 49ers. It does the channel surfing for me! :P With just one more win, the 49ers will have a winning record for the first time since I started watching them. I am so incredibly happy for all of the babies I've watched since they were drafted, getting to experience success for the first time at the NFL level.

It's overcast and rainy outside, so I'm all cosy in bed, watching TV. *sighs happily*
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