October 23rd, 2011

Jack Johnson

Better to be lucky than good

Joe Thornton's mommy and daddy surprised him in New Jersey for his 1000th game! He didn't know that they were going to be there. *sniffle* I talked to his parents in Pittsburgh a few years ago and they're the nicest people.

JMFJ is having a really good start to the season! Perhaps helped by Donuts' injury. I don't think he's playing that much better or anything; as he said, it's better to be lucky than good. I'm very pleased on his behalf though. Three goals already, two of them in overtime and another the only goal in a 1-0 win with under 5 minutes in the game (so almost OT). So that's three GWGs and he'd never even had one before this season!

Check out this tasteless graphic from the Kings/Flyers game:

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One of the keys to the game is "Remove all Doughty" (har har) which they decided to display along with a clip of Donuts being knocked out of the game. Terrible!

The Western Digital 2TB hard drive I use for my PC DVR is failing already, even though I bought it earlier this year. :( The good news is that Alex is upgrading our home backup server so I'm getting the old drives from that: 4 1TB Seagate SATA drives. Apparently Western Digital and Hitachi hard drives are unreliable so I'll be staying away from those for a while.

I love the NFL Red Zone channel. Basically I have someone channel surfing all the football games for me and picking out the highlights, hehe.

After months and months of being on Twitter, I am suddenly really fucking sick of people asking famous people to RT some message. I don't mind if they ask for a reply, because I don't have to read that shit, but the RT shows up in my feed. I don't give a shit that it's your birthday, insignificant person!

Archiving some JMFJ articles:

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I love that he has the right attitude. I never worry about him or get defensive because I feel like he handles criticism and adversity well, like how I never worry about Lincecum. Also, JMFJ has a massive ego. :P

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Okay, first of all the headline: "pushing and pulling" JMFJ? And them calling him a big horse of a man. *cries* Terry Murray why are you so traumatizing? I am amused/disturbed that JMFJ plays better without Donuts around. :P

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Why are they slashing him with Mike Richards? :(

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I really do like his attitude about basically just focusing on what you can do, and sometimes you'll get rewarded and don't get frustrated if things aren't working out.

Kings saying nice things about JMFJ. :)

Ethan Moreau:
"He's a hell of a player. He's probably underrated. Playing against him I could appreciate because I was killing penalties against him and had a lot of ice time against him. So, I realized how good he was. But, he's just an immense talent and he's going to be a high-end D for a long time."

Trent Hunter:
"I think he has a lot of skill with the puck and likes to rush the puck up the ice. He can make some great plays. And we saw him get a couple overtime winners too, so he's another guy who's fun to watch."
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