October 19th, 2011

Jack Johnson

Just like Edward vs. Jacob!

Apparently the ball was placed on the wrong spot on the 49ers' winning drive against the Lions. It should have been on the Lions 40 and was on the 35. Nobody noticed this during the game! I recorded the NFL Replay version of the game and it was cool cos' they got Patrick Willis hyping up the guys on the sideline with Vernon Davis supporting as well. I loved it because Patrick Willis is usually pretty reserved and soft-spoken and it was great to see him taking leadership like that. ♥ I watched that boy get drafted!

Been getting a flurry of comments on the kid staring at JMFJ video, and one of them was: i beat jack johnsons little brother up...not kidding either we played at the same hockey club 2 years ago and i fucked his shit up...true story

That's great. Kenny was ELEVEN YEARS OLD at the time. Congratulations.

tamiflu sent me this JMFJ article about how he should step up while Donuts is injured, but I'm impressed because it addresses the whole awkward thing where he's supposed to be the big shot defenseman, but then Donuts showed up and was basically just better than him. *chortles*

The Kings fan base seems to be divided between Donuts and JMFJ (Team Edward vs. Team Jacob!) and I don't know whether this started with them being rivals initially (I can't really imagine either of them openly disliking each other), or people being wowed by Donuts and unwowed by JMFJ's +/- (har har) and criticizing him, thus galvanizing JMFJ fans to support him and be anti-Donuts, or some other reason. You don't really see that with say, Kane and Toews or something.

It's almost like parents playing favourites with kids. Whenever one of them fucks up, suddenly the other one is the golden child. If I was a Kings fan I might get annoyed at the criticism directed at JMFJ... no, I'd still just find it hysterical. He has a massive ego, he can handle it. :P

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So aside from the horror of Terry Murray calling JMFJ "a big horse of a man", he actually did say nice things about him.
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Now that her arc is done, can they kill her off?

Hawaii Five-0 spoiler ahead.

Umm, well, technically since I called this two weeks ago, is it still a spoiler? Ayup, Kono is not a dirty cop. Grace Park unfortunately is a bad actress, though. Or maybe she's just acting like a cop who is really bad at pretending to be dirty, in which case the criminal mastermind is a fucking moron. I guess he's played by a Baldwin brother, so.

What an incredibly shitty story arc. Bring back Wo Fat already. They keep teasing me with Kono's seeming death and then letting her live. At least Daniel Dae Kim is getting more lines.

Now when I watch House, I imagine backcheck saying Charlyne Yi's lines and I totally crack up. Especially when she said, "Do you want me to put (the shoes) on while you masturbate?" But her character is awesome, though. I'd love for her to become a regular.

New American Horror Story tonight! But I'm a big chicken so I'll watch it in the daytime or I might have trouble sleeping.
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