October 13th, 2011


Bullet points because...

  • I got 3 hours of sleep last night. :(
  • I upgraded the iPhone 3GS that Chip gave me to iOS 5 last night and things went horribly wrong. It did the OS upgrade fine but I got -69 (LOL) error during the restore which confused both the phone and iTunes. After trying several things, eventually it worked but it lost all of my settings for my apps which meant that I lost my zoo! Oh my whales and orcas and elephants! *sniffle* I deleted the app out of sadness.
  • Terra Nova introduced a character with an Australian accent, boo. I do like the show so far, though, it has that certain '80s popcorn sci-fi sensibility that Falling Skies has. (They're both Spielberg projects.)
  • Charlie's Angels was intentionally unsexy!!! Morons! From a TV Guide interview:
    The producers told us that no one's in a bikini in the first seven episodes.
    KELLY: [Laughs] Good! That's what people are expecting and I think we're trying to do a lot of the unexpected.
    TAYLOR: It's a nice idea to think that viewers will tune in to a show because the people in it are pretty, but no one ever really does. It's gotta be about the story.
    That's all well and good, but the story and characters are so shitty! And my dad totally watches TV shows just because there are hot women in them. Totally missing the point of Charlie's Angels.
  • Charlyne Yi on House looks so backcheck-like, haha. Similar haircut, wears glasses, is a short Asian girl. What's up with her accent though? She's American, according to Wikipedia. But the way she talks totally reminds me of people back home.
  • Hart of Dixie, The Secret Circle and Ringer have all been picked up for the rest of the season. Hooray!
  • I really dig TV by the Numbers for ratings information and news on whether shows have been cancelled or renewed.
  • JMFJ visited the US Naval Academy with the Kings on Tuesday. This is basically the equivalent of going to Disneyworld for him. Collapse )
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