October 4th, 2011

Patrick Kane

There probably won't be any drunken photos with strippers, but I can dream

OMG OMG OMG my beloved Patrick Kane has a Twitter!!!!!! And he tweeted a photo of himself with Christian Kane (who apparently wears his jersey all the time, which strikes me as kind of creepy). I have high hopes that he won't turn tail and run from the first negative backlash he encounters, being already experienced with doing dumb shit and taking heat for it.

I'm looking forward to lots and lots of terrible tweets! :D
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Brent Burns

Will I ever see Brent Burns' bare feet?

I just "watched" the first period of the Kings/Hamburg game online. Donuts looks very quick! He was knocked on his ass a couple of times halfway into the first period and didn't tie up his guy on the first goal scored by Hamburg on the PP. He looked ashamed. On the second hit, well, it wasn't so much a hit as a guy jumping on him and trying to have sex with him, as Ruslan Salei (RIP) would say.

So, I looked through the Brent Burns segment for goofy faces, but I couldn't find any. :( Either he only looks goofy on the ice, or the people filming the segment were like, "Oh God, what is wrong with his face? Let's show some action scenes instead of his face here!"

So my icon is one of him smiling. I'll replace it as soon as I get a shot of him looking stupid. :D

As I watch his interviews, I find he really reminds me of Spezza. Something about the ditziness, the ending (or interrupting) of sentences with half-giggles, the Ontarioness... Here's the segment:

Chronicle Live Interview

Sharks on Twitter. Brent Burns, Clowe and Logan talk about why they have Twitter, Demers and Pavelski talk about why they do not, and Joe talks about how he's an old man and Logan and Clowe had to explain Twitter to him.
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I can't hear Pujols' name without thinking of crankygeek. Thanks.

Alphas impresses me even though I was really unenthusiastic about it to start. I'm tired of the whole super human thing that's already been done in X-Men, Heroes and The 4400 (which I think had the most interesting ideas/approach), but I really like the characters and the purposeful storyline. One of the guys (Mr. Nigel-Murray!) is autistic, but he's great, and more complex than the typical Rain Man autism portrayal. I love Rachel, who's Persian and they show that but without the annoying forced diversity (OH LOOK WE ARE BEING SO SOCIALLY AWARE) air to it. The other three are a nice mix of powers/personality too.

The "advancement" of Grace Park's "storyline" on Hawaii Five-0 is that having been suspended, she's now turning to the dark side. When she talks to Daniel Dae Kim, she's all kind of cynical and "I've given up", which I guess is supposed to be a drastic change from her "character". Umm, but she doesn't actually have a character, so it's like, meh. This is probably just going to turn out to be her taking advantage of the IA investigation to go undercover and infiltrate a criminal organization. Her "conflicted" expression at the end when she's using Daniel Dae Kim's account to get info was so bad. Ugh. I know her character is poorly written, but as an actress she could at least try to make the best of it. Alex O'Loughlin is a bad actor, but at least he has a certain consistency and comforting charm to him.
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