October 3rd, 2011


You gotta sign someone who loves New Jersey this much!

Well, Petr has been neither signed nor cut, but he's gotten a lot further than I thought he would.

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I didn't know that he still had a house in New Jersey! And I like how they refer to Adam Oates as his former opponent instead of, say, his linemate for a season. I think they might even still have been on the same line when they played the Devils in 2003!

The general opinion of various bloggers (which I acknowledge is kinda' worthless :P) is that he'll be signed to a 1-year contract. It would make me so happy!!! If only Whore could have stuck around.

[ Edit: From another article that was almost the same, but had this additional quote:
"I went into this game and said, 'Just have fun.' i could drive myself crazy," Sykora said. "I could be on a flight (back to the Czech Republic) Tuesday. But if I think about it, I could drive my mind bananas."

He could drive his mind bananas. I love him so much. ]
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