September 23rd, 2011


I think they missed the point of Charlie's Angels

I watched Charlie's Angels last night and it was so bad I was going to quit watching when I remembered that Minka Kelly (who was the main reason I was even watching it) hadn't appeared yet. So I waited until she appeared and she was good and noticeably raised the quality of the episode, but it's still a pretty shitty show.

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I thought The Playboy Club was fairly bad (and will almost certainly be cancelled) but it's a fucking Emmy winner next to Charlie's Angels. And has someone who is actually hot (Amber Heard). Speaking of, Bernie mentioned that she's a lesbian so I went to read her wiki entry and found this, in reference to Hidden Palms:
In order to get the part, Heard was asked to lose weight. It took her four months, daily workouts and a ban on carbohydrates to lose 25 pounds.
This poor, poor girl worked hard to lose that weight (it's hard for average/skinny people to lose weight--it's not like The Biggest Loser where people drop that in a week) and she ends up having to do numerous scenes making out with this ugly kid with tons of acne who probably only got the part through nepotism. :P Anyway, I hope the exposure (heh, heh) from The Playboy Club helps her get some better roles.

I'm fully taking advantage of what's possibly my last chance to read news articles about Petr in English (instead of Russian or Czech):

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I love how Petr is like, yeah, Vokoun is one of my good friends! Every summer for the past 14 years I've taunted him with that one game where I scored 4 goals against him in the AHL!!! Also, I beat up on my 5 year old kid in backyard hockey!!!

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The Petr and Patty reunion kind of warms my heart. :) And Petr being nervous is so adorable. *sigh*
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