September 22nd, 2011


I also watch SVU and 90210

So I've heard Jay Brannan's cover of "The Freshman" a few times, but yesterday I decided to try figuring out how to play it myself, which is a slow process, but his arrangement is really simple so it wasn't too bad.

But I didn't stop there! I didn't want to forget how to play it after I spent the time figuring it out, so I went looking for software that would let me create sheet music and I found MuseScore which is free (!) and is really easy to use and did exactly what I wanted. It even has a mode that plays back what you've entered so you can check that it's correct.

Let me know if you want the sheet music and I'll upload it as a PDF. [ Edit: "The Freshman" Sheet music ]

Watched The Playboy Club and it's... well, it's bad. It tries to stuff everything into one show: the Mob, race issues, tampons (LOL, really), bulimia (as if it was invented in the '60s). The characters seem to have really anachronistic dialogue and attitudes, and the sets and clothing also seem to have that modern element to them. Obviously this show was somewhat inspired by Mad Men and it's feels nowhere close to the feel of '60s authenticity achieved by Mad Men. However, it's ten times more interesting than Mad Men and I've liked Amber Heard since Hidden Palms so I'm going to keep watching, haha.
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