September 21st, 2011


Brave new season

I didn't even really follow baseball much this summer and I'm still behind on all of my TV watching! I did just finish S3 of Southland though, which was fantastic. I finished watching all 10 episodes in a few days. It's one of those shows that I just enjoy more when I'm mainlining it. The Killing was like that too, and I also kind of did that with Mad Men and The Walking Dead (hmm, all the AMC shows).

I like how natural Southland is, they show the randomness and variety of incidents that cops respond to, but there are enough ongoing storylines to give the show some structure, and it's an ensemble and all the characters do interact with each other, but they're not all one big Scooby gang or anything or even good friends (aside from the partners).

I'm a sucker for SyFy shows. :) My favourite is Haven. I guess I like quirky, soft shows like that. They had a really fantastic beginning to an episode that involved drowning a boy. It was super creepy and disturbing, but then later it's revealed to be something else totally. Ahh well. I do appreciate individual moments and scenes and aspects of TV... which is why I watch so much of it I guess.

Alphas seemed kind of blah, but interesting enough to keep watching. The whole premise has been done before in X-Men, Heroes and The 4400, which I think was the most interesting take on the concept. Then I watched the episode with the guy who can incite rage in people and was so impressed with all the horrific crowd violence scenes. They could have just filmed a bunch of people punching each other, but the first scene being set in a train and all of the camera angles and selective colouring and stuff that they would do really intensified the horror of what was going on.

I watched the pilots of Ringer and The Secret Circle and will keep watching both. I didn't think I was going to like Ringer and honestly just watched it for Sarah Michelle Gellar, but it played as more interesting than what it sounded like on paper. I do love The CW though. I enjoy 90210 even, haha. It's like SVU set at a high school. Mentally, I am still 15 years old.

The S2 premiere of Hawaii Five-0 actually addressed a couple of the things I was iffy about in the S1 finale (gun shot residue and the stun gun injury) and even though I didn't fully buy the explanations, I appreciated that they mentioned it. That show can be as ridiculous as it wants as far as I'm concerned as long as they keep the banter between Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan. Daniel Dae Kim is getting a tiny bit more to do than just be Serious Korean Guy, Grace Park didn't do anything too awful, although there was a moment when I got all excited that Wo Fat was going to kill her and was disappointed that he didn't. I'm pleased with Masi Oka becoming a series regular but dunno how or if they'll expand his role.
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Spam while I can

Who knows how long this try out will last so I'm getting as much mileage as I can out of this. :P

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He said opposing Devils centers today were on top of the circle for draws and had it been against players on an opposing team they would've gotten a cross check to the face.

"I couldn't do that now," Sykora said with a laugh. "I learned something today. I'll talk about it with Oatsie. He was one of the top faceoff men for 20 years. Kind of get the inside scoop and I think I'll be fine."

Nevertheless, he was happy to score some goals.

"Of course I'm happy the puck goes in," he said. "I don't care if I'm playing hockey with my son in the backyard. If I score a goal I'm happy."

Former linemate Patrik Elias said of Sykora's performance: "A couple of shots, a couple of goals. It's good."

Ha! Like Petr is really going to go around cross checking people in the face? :P Mini-reunion with Adam Oates! :D And I love what Patchelly said: "It's good." I can totally hear him saying that.
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