September 19th, 2011


He wants to be with Patchelly and MartyBrodie from so far away!!!

I can't believe I forgot to post about this, but Petr is trying out for the Devils! And apparently just scored 3 goals in some scrimmage or something?

From Petr Sykora excited about shot with Devils; Sergei Brylin turns down offer:

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"I'm very excited I'll get to see Patty (Elias), Marty (Brodeur) and some other people I know there," Sykora told The Star-Ledger in an exclusive interview from the Czech Republic. "Patty and I had some great times together. I'm really excited to see him and if I get a chance to be on the ice with Patty I'd be very excited about that.

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Patchelly and MartyBrodie from far away!!!!!! I'm also super excited that he's excited to possibly play with Elias again. It seemed like their relationship had cooled for a while. :/ Maybe Marty (Havlat) brought them back together. :P

From Petr Sykora happy to be in a familiar situation with Devils:

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“I’m not going to anything new. I started here and I have a lot of friends here. I have a job in Europe and I didn’t want to throw that away. I just said I’m only going to throw that away if I go to New Jersey. All of a sudden the chance came up and I am very happy.”

Sykora was drawn by his comfort with the franchise and that he still has several friends on the team — namely fellow Czech Patrik Elias. Even so, he has no false illusions of what his long-term plans with the club will be. He’s taking it day by day.

“If I’m here one day, great,” Sykora said. “If I’m here two weeks, even better. If I’m here the whole season it’s fantastic.”

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I'm not going to fucking throw my job with Plzen away! Oh, unless the Devils offer me a spot. Then I'm totally fucking throwing that job away! I like that they point out the special love for Patty, hehe.

From Sykora faces uphill battle for 'last chance' with Devils:

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"Everybody knows who I am. I'm not going to go out there, take the D wide and crash the net and score a goal," Sykora said. "Everybody knows I'm not a great skater but I can score goals and I have a good shot. It's not a secret. If I get a good pass, I can score."

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I love his shot. I love that it's so unexpected. He's this little guy and he looks all non-threatening and then suddenly he unleashes this ridiculous slapshot and it's like WTF???"

Anyway, I'm glad that he's being practical about it, and I'm not all that hopeful myself, but I would be super excited if he does make the team. :D

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