August 9th, 2011


Man, I watch a lot of TV

I watched so much TV while on my epic plane/bus journey to/from Toronto.

I've been undecided about whether I think Falling Skies is good, but nothing too awful has happened to make me stop. I finally watched an episode where the resistance discovers something that had been hinted at before and finally "committed" to the show... just in time for the season finale. :P Which I did enjoy and I'm glad that it was renewed.

I'm somewhat baffled that it's been such a big hit (by cable TV standards). I'm sure the Spielberg name helps with initial interest, but the show's ratings have stayed pretty steady. My conclusion is that it's succeeded where FlashForward, The Event and V have failed because: 1) it's not very intelligent and 2) there is no real sense of danger, even when dangerous things happen (like in Harry Potter 1 & 2).

Unfortunately, Stargate: Universe was 1) intelligent and 2) had real danger and consequences, and thus was cancelled after Season 2. :P Man, that was a good show, especially towards the end. It was also pretty slow-moving, so I'm not surprised it's gone. I was pretty excited to find a blog post from one of the executive producers on ideas they had for how the show would continue: Stargate: Universe, Beyond Season 2! What Might Have Been!

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One more month to go!

Waiting impatiently for iPhone 5 to come out. Not because I'm getting one, but because Alex will buy it and give me his old iPhone 4. :P

I'm currently using an original iPhone, which has been surprisingly okay and functional, but it's getting to the point where it won't run a lot of apps (notably At Bat) because it's got an old iOS, the battery and/or power detection is getting really unreliable and sometimes the phone just shuts down even though there's a good amount of power, and most disturbingly, stopped detecting the SIM one day in Montreal. A reboot fixed it, but it's still somewhat unsettling.

I'll appreciate the improved processing power, higher resolution display (for watching video), greater capacity and uhh, oh yeah, 3G bandwidth (although EDGE has been sufficient for me so far). I'll end up paying $5/mth more than my current data plan. Well, the data plan will actually be $5/mth cheaper (as I'm going from unlimited to 200 MB) but it doesn't come with text messages, so I'll have to pay $10/mth for that. Boo. Text messaging is such a big rip off in the US.
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