July 11th, 2011

Tim Lincecum


Tati shuffled into my room this morning wrapped in her yellow blanket and crawled into bed, then started telling me about her dream where she told Timmy a joke and he laughed at it. This is her third dream about Timmy, haha. I'm not sure whether she actually dreams about him or if that's just what she associates dreams with. She never talks about dreaming about anything else. Her favourite song is "Bad Romance", which coincidentally is my favourite Lady Gaga song.

I may be exerting quite of a bit of influence on her. :P

So, now that I've settled down from the excitement for Heatley being traded, I'm getting excited about having Brent Burns and Marty Havlat. Surprisingly, I'm more excited about Burns than Marty! (From a hockey perspective) As a person, umm, Burns says a lot of inappropriate things about snakes.

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In 2007, Brian Rolston compared Burns to Joe Thornton saying that they're both ditzy haha. And uhh... what exactly does Burns do with his snakes?
"It's probably a little higher than 150 right now because it's mating season," Burns said.
-- uhh, which he knows because he... watches them?
"It's grown from there," Burns said. "I just like handling them. They're pretty amazing animals. I love feeding them and watching what they can do with their bodies."
"It's going to be weird not being able to go downstairs and do all the snake stuff," he said.
-- Yes, I can see how it would be weird not to go play with your snakes in the middle of the night.

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Patty I expected to be in the Bay Area given his wife is from here and really who wants to spend the summer in Aneroid, Saskatchewan? But Dan Boyle! I thought he would have been back in Ottawa.

And biking with Owen Nolan! That's kind of cute and creepy at the same time. And look, another snake quote:
“I’m not going to bring them in, it’s going to be tough to leave them,” Burns admitted. “It’s something people are pretty interested in and it’s one of my passions. I love spending time with them.”

I don't know, I'm not much for schticks like that (the tattoos, the menagerie) so we'll see if he grows on me as a person. I'm just terribly excited about him as a hockey player. For the first time watching the Sharks I'll like the D as a whole!

There hasn't been as much Marty stuff. I haven't been looking very hard but I think he's fucking around in Europe. I'm sure we'll see more of it when the season starts. I'm a bit more reserved in my excitement about getting Marty. I have some issues with his personality (some of which manifests as things like... kicking), but I think he's a big game guy, someone capable of elevating and taking over a game, and he more than replaces the attitude we lost with Devin.

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