July 3rd, 2011

Martian Love

Begone, vile scourge!

Sharks ship Heatley to Wild for Havlat

I've been playing games all day and on gChat, but apparently that hated abby20 today and prevented her from giving me the amazing news that WE TRADED HEATLEY (which right there is kind of fantastic and has improved my quality of life by huge amounts) and not only did we trade him, but WE TRADED HIM FOR MARTY!!!!!!!!!

Who I fully expect to be broken quite a lot, but I kind of don't care because Heatley was fucking broken every playoffs anyway so it's not like we can go downhill in that department.

Okay, so I was just... stunned when I found out, but now I'm getting more and more excited. Marty on Shark Byte! Marty in a horrifyingly embarrassing Christmas commercial! Infinite possibilities!

Also, Heatley getting booed 3 times a season in Edmonton!!!

Oh man, two wishful thinking dreams of mine fulfilled with one trade. Getting Marty (purely for his hockey abilities--on the personal side of things, it's complicated :P) and losing Heatley (which I thought wouldn't happen given his contract).

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