June 20th, 2011


The Killing unintentional marathon

So I'd been meaning to watch The Killing, but by the time I wanted to start, the first few episodes weren't online anymore. And then I discovered a few days ago that they were all online! So I was going to watch a few this weekend and... ended up watching all of them. All 13 episodes.

So first of all I really love shows shot in Vancouver. They're never actually set in Vancouver, but that's beside the point. This is supposed to be Seattle, which you know because it rains a lot. There's just something really distinctive about the color grading or the sky or trees or fog or whatever with Vancouver shows that I really love (starting with The X-Files).

I also appreciate really good opening credits sequences and a good soundtrack (which is apparently from the original Danish series). And I like all of the characters. I'm a fan of the whole subtle, understated acting thing. And I really like slow, unfolding stories (which has been a criticism of this show) that let you soak in moments and moods and stuff. (Insert obligatory "Mad Men's problem is that it's boring, not that it's slow" rant here)

The mystery/plot isn't that great. I'm generally pretty good at suspending disbelief and there was one scene (where Stan meets Bennet's wife at the hospital and they don't recognize each other) which was like... REALLY??? And there were several other things that were iffy, so it's going to be a disappointing show if you're watching it or the mystery and plot twists and whatnot.

The strength of the show is in the characters and their motivations and how they react to situations and how grief isn't just the overwrought wailing you see in a procedural when people find out their loved ones are dead. It's also when a mother is shopping at the supermarket and she sees her dead daughter's favourite cereal on the shelf.

I absolutely loved the two detectives working on the investigation. I know that Sarah doesn't really do much more than look intense/emotional most of the time, but it really works for me in conveying that she's processing what's going on and coming up with insights. And Holder is a really good foil for her and I appreciated the ambiguity of his character. It's weird, in the first episode you can hear a little bit of his Swedish accent, but for the rest of the series it just gets sort of absorbed into an indeterminate street-sounding accent.

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Patrick Kane

I think these people are being serious

So every now and then - okay, pretty often - I get comments to my YouTube clips that makes me go, "WTF, REALLY???"

These are actual comments on a Patrick Kane clip:

From ToniteImPuckingYou: his eyes should be considered one of the wonders of the world.

From hockeylovinggirl89: His eyes are gorgeous. I'm pretty sure he's the best looking guy I've ever seen

For reference, here is a photo of Patrick Kane:

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Jack Johnson

Bobby Ryan is also deathly afraid of bridges

So, mosgirl9 alerted me to Bobby Ryan's tweet about hanging out with JMFJ in Ann Arbor while he was around for Andrew Ebbett's wedding. Then frala showed me this photo:

Bobby Ryan and Jack Johnson

Yes, JMFJ looks quite douchey there, but what's new? And Bobby Ryan looks so skinny!

Anyway, I've always thought that Bobby Ryan looks like a girl (this is at least 75% of why I like him) and after looking at this photo I finally realized that he looks like one girl in particular:

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