May 21st, 2011


The Sharks have the Giants beat as far as this torture thing goes

I was expecting a Sharks win last night because they'd lost so badly in Game 2. Somehow that tends to happen: the losing team plays harder and the winning team, no matter how much they know they can't relax... will tend to relax. The Sharks never make it easy though. :P Joe said that he's treating every game as Game 7 and... he's basically right. How many times can you play Game 7 in a row though? I guess the Wings did it 3 times. We'll see. I'm going to the game tomorrow! :D

I thought the new 4th line of McGinn, Desjardins and Mayers really played well. McGinn's hit on Error didn't look that bad, so I wonder if he aggravated an existing injury. The major they called on him in the Kings series wasn't a good call, but I think you have to call the one on Rome. McGinn just gets way too excitable... he charges and is all energetic about it so it looks even worse.

[ Edit: I just about cried with pride at the 5-on-3 PKs. All those shot blocks! ]

tersa says that Joe Thornton is #1 on Puck Daddy's Conn Smythe watch list. Surely this is a sign of the apocalypse.

Given that Breaking In was cancelled, is it still worth watching the 7 or so episodes that they did air? I hope that AMC does a marathon of The Killing at some point, it sounds really good!

[ Edit: Engblom referred to us as the San Diego Sharks last night LOL. ]

[ Edit 2: And then Turco said that we're in Southern California. I sense a theme. ]
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Logan Couture

I would love the story behind this

I took this photo after Game 7. It was Logan being interviewed in the locker room and I noticed that McGinn's cup had this cartoon face drawn on it and it totally killed me. Like, did he wear it like that? Did he draw on it after the game? Did Logan draw on it?

Jamie McGinn's cup
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