April 28th, 2011

Drew Doughty


From LA Kings Insider

Question: You and Jack (Johnson) seem to have that playoff power-play thing going again…

DOUGHTY: “I don’t know why we can’t do that during the regular season. I don’t know what we’re doing differently. We love playing with each other on the power play. We think we work together well. We find space for each other to get our shots off. We love playing playoff hockey. We’re going to do everything we can. We know we need offense, in every way possible, because that’s the one area we struggle in. So our power play is huge for that, and we stepped up to the plate last night. Our power play was the changer in that game.”

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Playoff Picks, Round 2

I'm partly nauseous from sleep deprivation and also from seeing the Preds on my TV hahaha. Round 2 is traditionally where I do terribly in picks because my emotions totally take over, and I... imagine this will continue.

Lighting/Capitals: Apparently I picked the Lightning as the dark horse coming out of the east. I don't know, so much depends on how good Roloson is. Despite the Caps finishing their series in 5, I didn't think they looked that great against the Rangers. Hmm, looking at the season series isn't really helping me out. I'll wuss out and fall back to my round 1 gut feeling. :) Lightning


Predators/Canucks: DIE DIE DIE!!! Ugh, the Canucks basically think they already won the Stanley Cup. Will they keep playing hockey? I hope so. Canucks

Red Wings/Sharks: The Sharks were so bad in Round 1. My brain tells me, for the first time, that they will lose. But I also tell myself things about how the Sharks underestimated the Kings and lots of good teams have had shitty first rounds in the past and blah blah blah. Sharks
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