April 27th, 2011

Brian Boucher

Bits and pieces

So for Game 6 I was trying to do that kooky visualization shit, and was like... why isn't it working??? Then at the 3rd intermission I realized that I was wearing a BLACKHAWKS T-shirt (I totally forgot) and changed out of it into a Sharks playoff T-shirt for the OT. :P

The postgame interviews with the Sharks were the usual boring shit, but there were a couple of noteworthy things:

Skip to 1:20 or so and watch the boys eating pizza in the background. Pavelski starts picking shit off immediately and Boyle takes one bite and THROWS THE SLICE AWAY immediately ahahaha. And then when he walks out of the room later his cheeks are BULGING.

Also, I noticed that the Sharks T-shirts say "FOR YOU... I WILL..." on the back, which is like... well... SUPER GAY!!! :D And also, this song:

What is this crazy first round? Man. I love Ryan Miller lots and lots, but my love for Boosh eclipses that. I am so proud and happy for him! Favourite backup goalie ever, LOL.

And I thought that the Sharks always make things difficult for themselves, but the Canucks take the cake. With all of the repeated fucking up of fantastic scoring chances and having Error on the ice, it felt like watching the Sharks. :P

I am... looking forward to reading the Kings' exit interviews. *sigh*
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Jack Johnson

Captain America, LOL!

JMFJ is going to Worlds! :D After the Kings were eliminated I was thinking that there'd be a good chance he'd do it, but I'm really pleased for it to be confirmed. And all of the Team USA games will be aired on Versus so I get to watch!!! :D I will get to see his douchey little face more. *sighs*

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First of all, JMFJ showing his "passion" LOL. I really loved the photo they used with the article. I think he was feeling super sad so he didn't have his usual douchey expression. And... I make fun of him a lot but I really do admire certain things about him a lot like his patriotism and stupid sunny optimism and ability to shake off failure and his unshakeable confidence. Like, it disgusts me but it's also great at the same time, haha.

I missed most of today's Game 7s because I went out to eat Ethiopian food. Raw minced steak, guys. *pats tummy happily* I ended up doing pretty good on my Round 1 picks with 7 out of 8. The only one I missed was the Preds/Ducks one. *barfs*

The Kings exit interviews were disappointing. They talked to Lombardi and Terry Murray only, it seems like. In summary, Lombardi said, "Drew Doughty is fat. Dustin Penner is fat. He should be less fat, like Matt Greene. We might sign Drew Doughty long-term, but we're worried he's going to be fat."
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