April 16th, 2011


So that's what Logan was doing in Donuts' bedroom

THEY HAD SLEEPOVERS TOGETHER. I mean, I've heard them referred to as "good friends" before, but they're both from London. It's like how people called Petr and Marty "good friends" just because they're both from the Czech Republic.

Man, they must been such gross little buddies as teenagers. :P Everyone probably hated them.

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Donuts being prompted by Logan that it was time to quit soccer and just play hockey! Playing a hockey video game as themselves! I bet they go to Blue Jays games together in the summer.

And Donuts looking unhappy when he saw Logan after the game, haha. I love it when guys get really pouty and competitive like that. Petr didn't take calls from Elias before the 2003 SCF and I wish that story about JMFJ ignoring Donuts' texts and refusing to fly with him at last year's Olympics was true, haha.
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