April 15th, 2011

Ryane Clowe

I went to sleep after Abby woke up

Running on under 5 hours of sleep (as I was pretty amped last night) so bullet points:

  • Packed toothbrush + change of clothes in anticipation of OT, but forgot I control the world and should have probably not even considered it at all.
  • lastcastrophe accused me of stealing her fake!boyfriend. :( I haven't even explained myself fully yet.
  • I think the reason the Sharks play badly in Game 1s is that they just don't do well with long layoffs. Hopefully they realize how terrible they were even though they won.
  • I was excited about Clowe coming back because he's shown in the past that he he can come back from missing games and contribute immediately in the playoffs. Assists on all 3 goals!
  • I wore my Clowe jersey and lastcatastrophe wore her Pavelski one. We were #2 and #1 star respectively. :D
  • Disappointed that there were no giant bird posters at warm ups. :( Donuts spent most of it standing on the blue line and bopping his head to the music. Was trying not to look at him and JMFJ. *coughs*
  • I was very excited every time JMFJ was on the ice... because it likely meant we'd get good scoring chances. *coughs*
  • My guess at what McLellan said during the timeout: "Stop sucking. You, you and you--stop sucking. You. You're sucking too. Stop." lastcatastrophe contributed the 3rd intermission motivational speech: "See this board over here? If your name and number are on it, YOU ARE SUCKING. Stop sucking."
  • The Sharks need a sustained forecheck. That's where they should get their goals from. You can't reliably depend on poor rebound control/Penner cheating (goal #1), Quick giving up a semi-softie five hole (goal #2) or Alec Martinez falling down (goal #3) as a source of goals. Sharks need better O-zone time. Sustained forecheck, damn it.
  • I would like to see Stoll suspended just for the purposes of consistency, but really does suspending him hurt or help the Kings? :P I guess they would lose more faceoffs without him.
  • In cheerier news, the Kings can depend even less on the Sharks getting overly excited on a PK and having 3 guys caught back (goal #1) or sheer retardness (goal #2).
  • From my perspective, Niemi's save on Kyle Clifford was insane. Watching the TV replay, it was less impressive but still very good. A game-saver. And it's not that Nabby wouldn't make those saves (his save on Brad Richards was better) in the past, but nobody would come through to score and make those count for anything.
  • Kings seemed confused that everyone just kept playing through overtime and there was no shootout to pick up 2 points from.
  • Usually I'm a font of negativity and pessimism, but I was really confident going into the game and into OT. But man, Joe Pavelski. I know that Logan is the one who gets the comparisons to Buster Posey because they both have the ROY thing going on, but I think Pavelski is a closer comparison.
  • I can actually understand how the refs missed Stoll's elbow because it was kind of "hidden". Then he looked over his shoulder in an EXTREMELY UNSTEALTHY manner to check if he was going to get called for a penalty.
  • I am recording the Ducks game tonight in SD instead of HD intentionally. I have no desire to see their faces and Getzlaf's bald spot in HD.
  • Some Heatley interview or other appeared on the Jumbotron and I buried my face in lastcatastrophe's shoulder, and she and tersa held up papers to shield their eyes. Oh, the horror.
  • Totally nauseated today from sleep deprivation. Totally worth it.
  • Jason Demers was surprisingly good last night. I feel guilty for turning him into a zombie.
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Logan Couture

Why was Logan in Donuts' bedroom? :(

This is JR with baby Logan Couture. Look at his angry little face!

Jeremy Roenick and Logan Couture

abby20 pointed me to an article about Donuts and Logan. I'd already read briefly about their friendship (Logan was born in Guelph and Donuts was born in London but played for Guelph) but this one was a bit more... detailed.

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I am uncomfortable with Logan talking about Donuts' bedroom! And Donuts being "pleased" that he remembered their past. Also, the thing about knowing each other's moves in light of Donuts' missed hip check on Logan last night, hehe.

I wonder if they go to Blue Jays games together.
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