March 20th, 2011

Jack Johnson

Blue Moon, Part 5

Title: Blue Moon
Author: Mae
Rating: NC-17 overall
Pairing/Characters: Jack Johnson/Drew Doughty, Sidney Crosby
Dedication: herwhereabouts, abby20, robi0688, early_afternoon and joolzie, thanks for all your support, feedback and encouragement. :D
Disclaimer: It's all lies!
Author's Notes: This is a sequel to Tangled Up in Blue and One Last Summer, but it's not necessary to read those fics to follow this one. This is set just after the ending of Tangled Up in Blue (1/8/11) when Jack signed a long contract extension with the Kings. Who are these guys?

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Joe Pavelski

This is a first--I think

Posted Part 5 of Donuts/JMFJ.

So every now and then my hockey YouTube clips end up on hockey blogs, but yesterday one ended up on... the online version of a newspaper. I mainly just wanted to immortalize the horror of a team advancing 5-on-1 with... JMFJ as the one guy back (in the words of Dan Ellis: NIGHTMARE!!!!!!!!!!!!), but it ended up being linked in (St. Louis Post-Dispatch) where they jokingly acknowledge it was a fail.

Mr. Pavelski got an almost hat trick!!! They took a goal away from him and gave it to Patty (cos' Pavelski said the puck never touched his stick) instead, but when I thought it was a hat trick, I got all weepy. And Torrey Mitchell scored yet another weepy goal, although it was not a pretty one this time. It was just guys being relentless and winning puck battles and retrieving pucks and having net presence and pouncing on rebounds and... I love that kind of goal, where the attacking team just overwhelms the other. *sigh* ♥

The Kings had that look of a team that doesn't actually think it's that good although it is, where they tense up as it gets close to the playoffs or some important game. They're trying hard, and generally doing the right things, but just a little too tense and not quite reacting fast enough. The best part of the game was when Donuts and JMFJ had a little moment on the bench, aww. Initially I thought JMFJ was just smiling stupidly because he really got into the ceremony for uhh... I don't know, some old King. But when I rewound, I saw that it was Donuts who made him smile.
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