March 13th, 2011

Jack Johnson

Bits and pieces

I'm kind of sick *sniffle* and sleep-deprived and miserable.

But on the other hand, I'm almost done with writing my fic. :) I don't know how, but this thing is almost twice as long as the original.

I don't know how I failed to traumatize show abby20 all of the JMFJ/Crosby draft videos at the time, but... I did over the weekend, and... she noticed that JMFJ calls his mom on a phone that has a big "87" on it. Like, is that Crosby's phone? Does JMFJ have an 87 on his phone? Neither of those are good answers. Also, I noticed after Crosby admires JMFJ's Superman underwear, he says "man of steel" in response. *cries*

Hockey was good today. Two fatties scored goals for the Kings and a hairy Slovakian prevented a three point game. Then I got to watch Ray Whitney creeping on various Coyotes interviews, sorta' like Kesler with the pizza.

However, I was subjected to one of the most upsetting goal calls ever: "(Brad) Richards going bareback, on his way in behind the LA defense."

I'm just glad it was Martinez and Scuderi on the ice at the time (and not either Donuts or JMFJ). Ugh.
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