February 27th, 2011

Devin Setoguchi

Fake!world was right

Devin Setoguchi and Logan Couture both have Twitters. *chortles* I've followed Devin for a while now, and... mostly he just gives me the tartingles. Please stop saying "pracky". Please. :( Anyway, I recently started following Logan and... I think they have started dating each other and are documenting it on Twitter.

Logancouture: Woke up two hours ago and haven't moved from my bed, so lazyyyy
seto1661: havent moved all morning pretty tired.. decided to go hang with @Logancouture to see whats happening today!

He didn't actually specify whether he was already hanging out with Logan when he hadn't moved all morning. :P

Logancouture: Watched the 2nd half of the Real Madrid soccer game with @seto1661 and it was actually exciting #firsttimeforeverything
seto1661: Cristiano ronaldo = sick!!! To bad it was 0-0 but he is dirty !

He didn't actually specify what was exciting.

Logancouture: And my day just got real good, sitting at a resturant with @seto1661 and Baby by the Biebs came on, #lifeiscomplete
seto1661: @Logancouture its amazing no other place I'd rather be right now !

He didn't actually specify why he wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Logancouture: Watching UFC with @seto1661 and am bored out of my mind, please don't tell me hockey is this boring to watch?...baby baby bay ohhhhh
seto1661: @Logancouture agreed!!! Boring !!!

He didn't actually specify what they did to relieve their boredom.

Logancouture: Hopped out my bed #turnmyswagon...still watching UFC what am I doing with my life
seto1661: #igotmyswag on!! Me an @Logancouture!!!!

No comment.

So they pretty much spent all day together. I wonder if Torrey is sad.
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