February 20th, 2011

Brian Boucher


Guess what today is, guys? It's Hockey Day in America! (Let's not think too hard about how it ends with an outdoor game in Canada)

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x_jerseygirl alerted me to the fact that one of the questions asked on Shark Byte was what would be your weapon of choice in the upcoming zombie apocalypse!!! I totally hadn't seen that before I wrote my Sharks zombie fic. Craziness.

From MayorsManor.com:

Jack Johnson - "Playing in Madison Square Garden, it's the greatest arena in the world. So, it's a cool thing. My family is going to come watch. They've never seen me play in Madison Square Garden before. That's my favorite arena to go to."

Aww, he and his family are so sweet. :) And he's so proud and American. *sigh*

While trying to figure out whether JMFJ ever played with Toews at Shattuck-St. Mary's (doesn't look like he did), I came across this photo:

Jack Johnson and Sidney Crosby

He is, in fact, grabbing JMFJ's ass. Their faces. The eye contact. Man. Crosby has a bigger crush on JMFJ than I do. There was also a photo of them as champions in 2003.

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