February 11th, 2011


Damn it, Jordan!

robi0688 used her powers to make me write something about 15-year-old JMFJ and Crosby practice kissing. So embarrassed. :( Ficcage

I spent yesterday at the office getting sicker and sicker and wanted to bail out at noon, but then I was needed for some meeting and I "toughed" it out, but then they ran out of time to talk about the part that was relevant to me. It was a 1.5 hour meeting. :( :( :(

Came home and slept and felt much better and also laughed a lot about the Mike Fisher trade. Especially headlines like this:
Carrie Underwood's Husband Traded to Her Favorite Place: Nashville!‎

I guess Carrie won that round. :P

What a fail last night by the Kings against the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. I do understand it though, some of the shittiest games the Sharks have played have been after 3-4 day breaks. early_afternoon's namesake Jordan Staal had been playing well all night. I bitched her out after he scored in OT. :P Curiously, Donuts played a really great game. Almost as if he had extra motivation...
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