January 24th, 2011


Go Pack Go!

Only a week until I get to read all your lovely mini big bang fics! ♥ I know that early_afternoon is done (MILLER TIME), that abby20 is well on her way (although I think her fic is more suited to 20k+; I can dream, right?), and other people are presumably chugging along with theirs. Uhh, right? Right? I thought about Sidney Crosby naked for a month, the least you people can do is finish your fics. :P

I post my fics unlocked and backdated in my LJ so that anyone can read, but it won't show up on people's friends lists. Then I make a filtered post linking to it. If you want to be on this filter (for hockey fic) and aren't, or are on the filter and want off, let me know. (I made a filtered post last night.)

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I played some Gardenscapes in the morning, had a delicious lunch at Tony's of pizza (prosciutto, fig preserves, aged balsamic, shaved parmesan), burger (rosemary beef patty, burrata i.e. super awesome mozzarella, arugula, caramelized onions), meatball (guy at lunch who works with a chef says it's amazing), deep fried garlic string beans and rosemary garlic fries. *burp* I stuffed my Tyler Kennedy pig face.

As an awkward sort of segue, I'd like to point out that when your weight varies 2 pounds within a 24-hour period, it makes it difficult to track a targeted weight loss of 0.5-1 pound/week.

Got home, played some more, then watched the NFC and AFC championship games. Yay for the Packers! I like Aaron Rodgers. :) Also, people are ragging on Jay Cutler because he has whiny bitch face. If he wasn't always pouting all over the place, nobody would be criticizing his decision not to play with a torn MCL. I was hoping the Jets would pull off the comeback, but it wasn't to be. I don't get the talk of Roethlisberger somehow... overcoming something or other. Really? The way to make up for raping people is to... play football well? What? (I wasn't really paying too much attention to this, admittedly)

I also managed to write an entire fic while watching the games! :D
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