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The Invincible M.A.E.

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That's a nice stretch for a tight end

Had the best dinner last night at the restaurant my roomie works at. Me and her sister shared four appetizers, four desserts and each had an entree. Fancy schmancy very tasty food. Peruvian Japanese fusion, yum!

Yeah... I'm still watching football. In fact, I control football!

TV: *goes on about how good the Steelers are and how the Giants aren't that great and how the Steelers can't just let up because it should be a relatively easy game.
Mae: *thinks* Well, the Steelers could let the Giants score a touchdown on the kickoff return, then that would wake them right up and they'd win the game!
TV: *almost immediately displays just that*
Mae: Hmm.

Are Nash and Nowitzki the OTP of the NBA or something? "During their six years together on the Dallas Mavericks, Nash and Nowitzki grew to appreciate each other as much as any teammates in any sport." And in Nowitzki's own words, "That's why it's so sad... I never thought we'd break up."

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I don't know about Nash and Nowitzki but with words like "..I never thought we'd break up." I'm going to go with yes. They are the OTP of basketball.

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