December 13th, 2010

Alex Smith

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I put the 49ers game on yesterday and took a nap, then dreamed about the 49ers being up on the Seahawks 30-7 after the first half. Then I realized I wasn't actually dreaming, and the 49ers were up by 30-7. The fans booed Alex Smith on the first 2 plays of the game. :( :( :( It wasn't even really his fault, and it's what I feared when Alex was named the starter cos' the fans always like everyone else better, whoever it is: Shaun Hill, Troy Smith, etc. And especially because Troy Smith did have some success.

I am so proud and happy for him. Even though I think it will all go terribly wrong the rest of the season. :P Also, what a shitty division it is that the team is 5-8 and still has a chance of winning it.

We went to get a Christmas tree yesterday and I decorated a tree for the first time! Umm, that I can remember, anyway. It was not very exciting. I don't enjoy doing anything vaguely artistic/creative. :P

I had forgotten that Olivia Wilde was in Tron: Legacy! And embarrassed to admit that I didn't recognize her in all of the posters because of her haircut. Oops. But now I'm even more excited about the movie! I liked the original a lot. :D
Giants starting pitchers

It's a girl!!!

Hey, guys, Matt Cain's wife just had a baby daughter and they named her... wait for it... wait for it...



Chip's response: "I can hartley believe it."