November 2nd, 2010


There's a lot of smoke in the air

You can't get the smile off my face today. :)

This whole playoff run has been about more than just the team for me (although I do love so many of those boys); it's about my love for my city and how it made me see everything that's beautiful about it, and seeing people celebrate it and enjoy it.

There have always been lots of faithful fans, even when the Giants were really shitty when I started watching their games, but obviously for this run a lot of non-baseball fans got on the bandwagon too, but that's okay because they love the Giants because the Giants are SF and they love SF.

The boys, the boys... Collapse )

They interviewed Timmy on ESPN and asked him how he thought SF was celebrating, and he said that there was probably "a lot of smoke in the air" LOL!!!!!!

I'm taking the day off tomorrow to go to the parade and I really really really hope that lastcatastrophe can make it. I'm so excited, despite the fact that Aubrey Huff has threatened that his rally thong will be on the float!

The torture is over and I'm going to miss it.
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Barry Zito

Could he be any more obvious?

From here:
"It's unbelievable,'' Zito said. "He has so many golden years in front of him. He's gonna stay healthy. He's got one of these crazy bodies. He's built like rubber. He's so flexible and strong, he reminds you of a gymnast. He has all the elements.''
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