October 20th, 2010

Giants starting pitchers

And he did it with a broken (bobblehead) wrist!

I just commented on this ayrdaomei's LJ, but I'm really pleased that Matt Cain was awesome and nobody fucked him over! :D He was the starting pitcher at the first Giants game I ever went to, and the defense was really bumbling back then and so he had to strike out like 10 guys on his own to win the game. I also spent about 6 months having a HUGE poster of him on the next building staring me down in the office all day (his eyes followed me around everywhere).

What I'm trying to say is that he has a special place in my heart and he's the guy on the Giants I most enjoy seeing succeed. :)

Even the media writes about how he's always awesome, and then somehow gets stuck with losses or no-decisions:
He threw seven shutout innings against one of the most daunting lineups in baseball, delivering a performance that would guarantee a win for virtually any pitcher, except Matt Cain.
lastcatastrophe and I call this being "Cained".

And hey littlestclouds, in the same article, there's a Matt Morris reference!
"I think guys like Matt Morris worked with him and helped him be who he is today," Wilson said, then moved into the glowing phase. "And he's a man today."
I am kind of horrified that they talked about Wilson glowing and calling Matt Cain a man in the same paragraph. :(

Just got sucked into an article about Buster Posey. They played Take Me Out to the Ballgame at his wedding after they exchanged vows, ahahahaha! It was the bride's idea.

Also, if Aubrey Huff's rally thong is never mentioned again, I won't complain.