October 11th, 2010


This makes a total of 3 things I can cook

I made pork tenderloin with plum sauce last night for dinner (as practice for Thursday, when Roz and Justin come over) and it turned out okay! Trader Joe's had no plums, so I used peaches instead, and they could have been a little riper (and I could have used more sugar) so I put the remaining peaches in a brown paper bag and hopefully they'll turn out better. I also got those fun 3-packs of red, white and blue potatoes and cut each into 8 wedges and tossed them in the oven with olive oil, garlic salt, and pretty much every herb I could find in the cupboard.

When I set my recording for today's Giants game, I was kind of concerned cos' on the guide it said the game started at 5:30 and there was a game before it and I knew the Giants game started at 4:30 and I was like, eek, does this mean I'm going to miss the first hour of the game? But of course it's the only game today and the TV guide just hadn't been updated yet. *coughs*

Tati came into my room this morning and wanted to watch baseball, and the only thing I had was the 2009 season opener. Timmy's hair was still in that stage where he was growing it out, so it had the shape of his short haircut, but add about 3 inches. :P

I swear I have not tried to turn her into a slasher!

More torture! But with a good ending. :)

I watched a lot of the game with Tati. ♥ Seriously, she made it so fun. She knew how to clap after a strikeout, totally unprompted! And she was happy to see Buster and asked about Timmy and I told her that he wasn't throwing the ball today.

(She's taking antibiotics for a staph infection)
ME: Madison is throwing the ball today. That's Madison!
TATI: My medicine?

Also, during the game she totally slashed Zito and Matt Cain!!!!!! She grabbed my bobbleheads and made them kiss, with kissy sound effects and everything! And then she had them say "I love you" and "I love you too" to each other.

I was just dying quietly on my bed. (I swear, I had nothing to do with this. If I did, I'd probably have paired Zito up with Brian Wilson).

At the end of the game when they showed the locker room, Tati and I had our own postgame celebration, just like the players. We jumped up and down and high fived and hugged a lot. There was also clapping and cheering. No champagne showers though.

She pointed at my Zito bobblehead and asked "that's Buster?" and I said it wasn't, and that maybe next year we could go to a Giants game and get a Buster Posey bobblehead and she started squealing and jumping up and down and then ran to my bed leaped upon it happily. *sigh* :)

I had to go eat dinner at the top of the 9th, but kept checking the score on my phone. I kept going "Freaking Brian Wilson!!!" every time he fell behind the count or walked someone (which was a lot of times) and Tessa thought that someone was being annoying and texting me repeatedly. :P

[ Edit: Standing room only tickets for the NLCS are $150 on Stubhub. *throws up* ]
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