October 8th, 2010

Tim Lincecum

Above and beyond

Tati came to visit me in my room yesterday so I took the opportunity to start brainwashing her into liking baseball. She already plays with my bobbleheads all the time (her favourite is Matt Cain, suck it Zito and Brian Wilson) and I tried to explain the game to her as it went along. I sold Lincecum pretty hard, haha, but I think she does actually like him.

(This morning)
ME: Tati, who threw the ball yesterday?
TATI: Timmy!

I'm going to have to make use of her to run the bases again next year before she gets too big. And get free stuff for kids.

Man, that was such an amazing game. He started the first inning overthrowing like crazy, but he calmed down and he was so incredibly good. Like, I love that he's able to overcome his struggles within a game. It's just in his mental make up. And I actually started getting weepy when he was left in for the 9th. Typically it's easier to get the complete game when you induce a lot of ground outs and fly outs, but 14 strikeouts?

I was bursting with love and pride. ♥

(LOL KNBR, they're talking about the Braves striking out in BP)

The guys better score some runs for Matty. He's still the starting pitcher I root for the most on the Giants. :) And Tati's favourite, hehe. I paused the game last night when they had the camera on the dugout and put my bobblehead next to his face and she smiled.
Joe Thornton

Mumble grumble

So, Joe Thornton is the new captain of the Sharks. I don't like this, but the magnitude of dislike is nowhere near that of... Heatley, so it's not really anything to complain about. It probably makes things easier for the media, half of whom have thought that Joe was the captain for the past few seasons anyway. :P

October is hitting me especially hard this year! I haven't even watched a single football game yet (although given the way the 49ers games have gone, that's probably a good thing) and I can't handle it. I mean, OMG a hockey game and a baseball game in the same day!!! *gasp*

At least they're not on at the same time so I can record them both. I'm seriously considering getting a HD DVR just so that I can record stuff on two channels at once if there are conflicts (which there seem to be tons of).