October 5th, 2010


Bye bye, Petr!

joolzie linked me to an article that says Petr is going home to Plzen.

I'm not sad about it yet. I'm sure I will be when I watch his highlights (on and off the ice), but it hasn't sunk in yet for me. Even Nabby's departure hasn't sunk in for me yet. Although Petr had a terrible final season with the Wild, mostly because of his injury, I think 5 Stanley Cup Finals and 2 Stanley Cups (including actually getting to raise it once instead of lying in a hospital bed) is a more than decent NHL career. And I'll never forget his playoff overtime goals.

But I'm pretty sure that what I'll miss the most is watching him adjust himself every 5 minutes. :)

It was an eventful weekend! So much so I've only recovered enough to post about it today. :P I went down to Mountain View and finally got to check out tersa's new place! :) It looks nice and is quite spacious, at the expense of hallway, but what do you really do with a hallway anyway?

She reserved the rec center and we embarked on attempt #2 to complete the Rock Band Endless Set List... that was also thwarted when the PS3 locked up on song 51 of 58. :( This is one of those cases where the journey is more important than the destination, though, so I didn't mind. My arms and feet didn't fall off, and I was able to play guitar despite my sprained left pinkie (I PLAYED HURT!!!).

Then I got to take care of Chip and Jenny's puppy when I got home. ♥ ♥ ♥ I really love dogs. I love hugging them and rubbing their tummies and scritching behind their ears. So I had a lot of fun with her. :) They brought her crate down to my room so she slept there Saturday night.

Sunday we all went to Ocean Beach, which is pretty much always the opposite of what you picture when you see "California" and "beach" in the same sentence. :P It's cold, windy, foggy and the water is freezing. But still fun for the dog, even though she was afraid of the waves. The baby also had a lot of fun running down to the waves and then running away when they came in.

I rolled up my sweatpants and let the waves wash over my feet because I love doing that. The water was freezing and even Alex (the Russian) said so, hehe, but I think I have no feeling in my feet or something because it didn't really bother me to start with and got better.

I also managed to get sunburned. Freaking Northern California beaches where you have to bring both a sweater and sunblock. :P
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Barry Zito

My favourite mistake

Ugh, listening to KNBR right now and apparently Zito was walking around on Union Street on Sunday night and five guys "physically challenged" him, which is such BS and very un-San Francisco. Probably some yuppies transplanted from New England. :P

He's probably not going to be on the playoff roster, and... I don't know how I feel about that. I can't argue with Timmy, Matty and Jonathan Sanchez over Zito. But I feel like Zito is a guy who can come through when you need him, regardless of how he's going right now. Zito over Bumgarner, IMO for the playoff experience factor, but I don't think that's going to happen.
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