May 17th, 2010


Hockey and TV

I went to Game 1 with tersa and quite enjoyed it, despite the loss and feeling nauseous (from excitement, haha) the whole game. The Sharks failed to capitalize on a lot of chances (which is really... not new) but really, having chances to fail on is an improvement on not generating those great chances at all. :P I fast forwarded through most of the Habs/Flyers game, but... wow. I figured the Flyers were going to be tenacious, but that's a whole lot of tenacity.

I'm looking at the list of renewals and cancellations and... I'm sad that FlashForward got canceled. It got really good after the hiatus so I wish it got the same chance that Fringe did in its first season. V got renewed instead, which is... meh. It's all right, but FlashForward is much better.

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