May 15th, 2010

Brian Boucher

Round 3, FIGHT!

The break between rounds is not so great for teams, but good for me! I've needed to do some resting and recharging and I think I'm there. :P

I did 2/4 on Round 2 picks, which is pretty typical. I totally thought I was going to be 1/4 until the Flyers prevailed! But even if they hadn't, I would have been happy, because the one I was right about was the most important one of all. :)

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Went over to Alex's place for Tatiana's 2nd birthday party today! My golf set present was a big hit! :) She became a fan of golf because she liked that Minigolf Party Facebook app (which is now broken forever) and has been to minigolf for real a couple of times. She doesn't quite have the right grip - she holds it with one hand and flings it around wildly - but she'll get better at it. :)

There was a nice article about the Sharks as a team and San Jose as a hockey town. I do warn you, there's a video clip at the top of the page and... and... Joe is shirtless and... he... he has CHEST HAIR. *bursts into tears*

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Playoff picks, Round 3

I missed on the Penguins, but like for the Caps, I think almost everyone did. I missed the Canucks for emotional reasons, but at the same time I got the Flyers for emotional reasons, so I guess those two cancel out.

Blackhawks/Sharks: I really don't even want to have any thoughts about this series. I'll just stress myself out and I need the energy for work. :P

Canadiens/Flyers: Oh man, how does it come to the Flyers being the higher seed in the ECF??? Halak is certainly the better goaltender, but the Flyers seem to be more... tenacious? than the Caps or Pens, so we'll see how it goes.
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