May 5th, 2010

Joe Thornton

Farewell, Sharks Late Night Confidential

Why can I not stop watching The Biggest Loser? Like, it's so transparent in it's attempts to be heartwarming and inspiring and touching and yet... I find myself tearing up while being completely aware of the cheese factor. :P

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Also, I'm sick of Heatley being cut slack for being injured. EVERYONE IS FREAKING INJURED. Other people don't get the asterisk after the statement that they're not producing.

For tomorrow, I'm looking for the same thing I was looking for in Game 3. A solid effort from all the lines, good defensive awareness and positioning and especially some sort of sustained effort in the offensive zone and less of the cycle for a bit, take a shot and the puck gets cleared out right away.

It's weird, I still think that Game 3 vs. the Avs is the best game the Sharks have played in the playoffs and they lost. I know the media is pointing to Boyle's own goal as the catalyst or whatever, but it started from the beginning of that game. After I watched that, despite the shock of how that game ended, I knew that they weren't going to disappoint me. This is not to say I expected them to win the series, but that I knew they would put forth their best effort and go all out - no fear, no hesitation - and that's enough for me.

Oh hey, I just found someone who said it better than me:
The most important thing for Sharks fans of the Joe Thornton era is not that the team achieves the ultimate prize, although obviously none of us would come even close to complaining about it should it happen. Rather what’s most important for us right now is that our team gives it their all in the game we love. Losing when your team has given up is 100 times worse than losing when your team gave it their all.

No matter what the outcome of the game may be, Sharks fans want to hold their heads high knowing that their hockey players were doing their best for the entire game. Whatever problems the Sharks currently have, with their defensive issues and minimal scoring from it’s big guns, Sharks fans are absolutely ecstatic to be watching their team play a full 60 minutes and not assume for even a second, that the outcome of the game is known. They are playing till the final buzzer.

This was written 5/3 so I guess he was clairvoyant too! :P
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