April 27th, 2010


Oh, there's a limit to subject length

"We've just come out of a series where we outworked the other team so bad we were scoring goals onto our own net just to make ourselves work harder."

I just checked Round 2 ticket prices. *gurgles*

Game 1 is on Thursday. This is pretty nice as it could have been as much as a week layoff. But I kind of worry as the Sharks haven't played all that well after 3-4 day breaks this season. At the same time, it's good because it gives Heatley a chance to rest his peg leg and Joe to either 1) heal up or 2) stop sucking. It's kind of hard to tell with him.

Clowe, Heatley and... Jay Leach (yeah, I don't know) were at the Giants game yesterday. Heatley threw out the first pitch to Zito and BOUNCED it ahahahaha. It's even more hilarious when Clowe pointed out that the 12-year-old girl standing next to him threw a strike.

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As far as opponents go, I would prefer to play the Red Wings than the Coyotes, but it's like being between the devil and the deep blue sea. :P
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