April 21st, 2010

Joe Pavelski

Yes, we're hippies

I may have laughed hysterically when Dan Boyle scored that goal tonight. Defensemen who score own goals in this series score one on the other team in the next game! Also hilarious is that... okay, I'm sure there were a lot of Sharks fans who were at Boyle about the own goal in Game 3, but... a bunch of people joined a Facebook group that was for making Dan Boyle feel better. We are such hippies. Can you imagine Flyers fans doing that?

Can we not play Heatley in Game 5, please? Yes, it's very noble to play injured or whatever, but I would rather he not take up space on the ice and whiff on open nets and drag everyone down. I think Clowe was way too excited at the end of the game and from the camera angle they used, it looked like he was making out enthusiastically with Pavelski. :( I was too happy about the goal earlier to be too traumatized, but... now it's time to get the mental defenses up.

Also, when they interviewed the Avs coach after Game 3, someone asked what he thought of the goal, and he replied, "The goal? You mean the winning goal?" WHAT OTHER GOAL WAS THERE???

Becoming convinced that Jack Johnson is forever doomed to live in the shadow of someone else. First Sidney Crosby, now Drew Doughty. JJ scores a pretty goal in a game? Drew scores a prettier one in the same game. JJ gets 3 points with some really nice assists? Drew gets 4 points.

Also, I've been thinking I feel so exhausted and drained and the playoffs are taking a much bigger toll on me this year blah blah then I realized I forgot to eat dinner tonight, goddamnit!
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The last time I was in a hotel room filming a video, it was very different

So I finally watched the "Sharks Late Night Confidential" videos that the Sharks broadcasters have been doing after the Avs games and... they mostly consist of Randy and Drew slashing each other ridiculously. And talking about the Sharks a little bit. (Dubious) highlights include:

  • DREW: "The last time I was in a hotel room filming a video, it was very different."
  • DREW: "How to handle Dan Boyle? Well, first take away all the belts and shoelaces from him."
  • Jamie Baker doing yoga.
  • Randy in a white bathrobe.
  • Drew saying that Randy's wife already has a bad opinion of him, she doesn't want him to be in his bedroom.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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