April 7th, 2010


09-10 Pacific Division Champions!

The Sharks clinched the Pacific Division title tonight!!! :D

They only needed to get 2 points to do it with 3 games left, so it was fairly likely that they'd do it, but as I said before, I get weepy whenever they clinch anything. :P

Looking at the remaining schedules for the Sharks and Hawks, it seems more likely the Hawks will win the west, which is fine. If winning the west meant a transfer to the eastern conference then that would be a big deal, but otherwise...

The game itself was actually really good in terms of what the Sharks need in the playoffs. The first goal was a PP goal on the road and the second goal resulted from a really good shift of sustained pressure from babies (secondary scoring!) And then it was all defend defend defend in the third which normally would be a bad thing, but it's a playoff situation. That's what happens. The Flames seemed to make a lot of mistakes, probably because of the pressure of it being a possible elimination game, but yet again, that's a playoff situation.

I'm really loving Lost, Fringe and surprisingly, FlashForward. The latest episode of Supernatural was disappointing. Gorgeous umm... effects? Those transitions between different locations in heaven were amazing. But oh man, I'm so sick of the same old shit. Yet another person who died because the boys weren't omnipotent and couldn't save them comes back to whine and blame them pointlessly. Oh boo hoo. How about you blame umm, the actual things that killed you? How about you blame yourself for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Makes about just as much sense as blaming the Winchesters.

But nooooooo because Dean Winchester got a cab moments before you and you were mugged and stabbed to death while waiting for another one it was all his fault and he should feel guilty. :P
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