April 2nd, 2010


Hiatus is not a bad word

A lot of TV shows took breaks for the Olympics, but some took even longer breaks like FlashForward. I thought it was a compelling show, more for the philosophical aspects (determinism vs. free will) than the plot, which was interesting enough, but the premise was more of the hook.

Now after the hiatus, the show has gotten so much better! The storylines have really improved and the characters have much more of a personality now. Unfortunately, it looks like the ratings aren't that great so hopefully ABC has enough faith in the show that they'll renew it. (Or if not maybe NBC can dump Heroes and steal FlashForward. But Heroes was starting to get promising again. Goddamnit!)

Has anyone ever joined an activity organized through meetups.com? I'm kind of interested in trying something out before I turn into a complete misanthrope. :P
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