February 17th, 2010

Evgeni Nabokov

I would like a staycation

I have returned from Truckee! Well, actually I returned last week but haven't felt like posting until now. :P Jenny's friend and twin boys visited the second weekend I was there so there was more sledding, snowball fights and snowman building. There were many, many good meals and I feel inspired to start cooking regularly again. I have pages and pages of recipes torn from my Cooking Light magazines that I've yet to try!

Chip and Jenny's house is beautiful, and after staying there for almost 2 weeks, I did feel kind of weepy leaving. They seem pretty happy there, but I'm sad I won't be seeing them on a regular basis. I took the train back to the Bay Area and it was really gorgeous, going through beautiful snowy mountains. *siiiigh*

I ended up working all weekend again. I'm not as busy now as I was at the end of last year, but still a little busier than I'd like. But I'm pretty lazy so I would always prefer to have less work even if I just worked office hours, I guess. :P

Started watching some of the Sharks games I missed while I was in the mountains. There was a little ceremony for all of the Sharks Olympians before the Wings game and they had kids with flags skate out, then the Sharks of that nationality would skate to them and... pose for a photo I guess? Anyway, Heatley skated up to the Canadian flag kid and GRABBED THE POOR CHILD'S ASS :( :( :( so I guess you can add child molester to his long list of unsavoury traits.

Not being American or Canadian (or Swedish, Czech, Russian, Slovakian, etc.) I'm not rooting strongly for any country in the Olympics. I'd be pleased to see the US, Russia, Canada or the Czech Republic win gold but there's not really any country I'd hate to see win. Maybe the Swiss. Boo Switzerland!
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